About Us


We are a dream team of data engineers, data warehousing experts and advanced analytics gurus.
It’s our belief that technology alone doesn’t solve problems.
You need awesome people who also understand your business processes and challenges to help you unearth the diamonds in your data.

Trendify’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful.
You’ll also hear us say that at Trendify, it’s always “Day 1.” What do we mean? That our approach remains the same as it was on Trendify’s very first day – to make smart, fast decisions, stay agile, invent, and focus on delighting our customers.



  • Data Engineer Learning Path
  • Data Analyst Learning Path
  • Data Scientist Learning Path
  • Visualization Tools Learning Path
  • Data Analyzing Tools Learning Path

Advisory and Digital Transformation

  • Business&Analytics Capabilities Review
  • Analytics Architecture Road Map
  • Digital cultural transformation

Data Architecture Solutions

  • Building and Deploying Analytic Data Platform (Data Warehouse)
  • Implementing Data Processing Layer
  • Monitoring and Managing Data Pipeline
  • Building Standart Reports & Dashboards
  • Building Intelligence Alert Systems

Data Analytics Solution

  • Defining your Enterprise KPI’s
  • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Building and Deploying ML Models

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