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Machine learning project involves preparing data, training models, hyperparameters tuning and model compression, and iterating through thousands of models which take days or weeks to do manually. Trendify AutoML aims to fully automate the machine learning process end-to-end, democratizing machine learning for non-experts and drastically increasing the productivity of expert analysts.

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Our AutoML Solutions

Churn Prediction
Forecasting customer churn is called tracking the rate at which customers quit using the product/service.
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Customer Segmentation
Customer segmentation is the process by which companies divide customers into groups based on common characteristics.
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Product Segmentation
Product segmentation is the grouping of products with similar characteristics
Propensity Modelling
Propensity Modeling uses advanced machine learning algorithms to predict customer behavior.
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For Everyone In The Data-Powered Organization

  • Significantly boosts productivity

    AutoML does not eliminate the role of the data scientist, but it significantly boosts productivity by automating several different tasks in the data science process.

  • Saving time for data scientist

    AutoML frees up the data scientist’s time to work on several projects by aligning with the various functional teams

  • Predictive analysis with no coding

    AutoML democratizes analytics in the organization by creating a new class of citizen data scientists who can create advanced ML models all without having to learn to code.

  • Increasing the efficiency of the work

    For data analysts, AutoML can save much of their time in redundant steps which could have been utilized in making the models more optimized by tuning the hyperparameters.

  • Less errors

    Codes are often prone to errors. AutoML helps to reduce human errors in the common steps. You wouldn’t have to worry about some errors in the former stages which would eventually ruin your future predictions.

  • Discover actionable insights

    Trendify deliver deeper and more actionable insights by taking maximum advantage of your rich enterprise datasets

  • Cost savings

    AutoML will be extremely useful for small companies or startups that can’t afford to hire an ML professional to build their recommendation or sales forecast systems.

  • High accessibility

    Professionals and researchers from other domains of specialization without ML experience can use AutoML for their project without worrying much about the redundant processes of data preparation including model selection.

  • Enterprise-data ready

    Leverage the full breadth and diversity of your data with support for large data sets and diverse data types to build better models.

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Allianz has an important role in insurance industry
10% Increasing
cost saving
91% Accuracy
for model
Samet Kasapoğlu
Samet Kasapoğlu
Business Analytics Manager - Allianz Insurance

Thanks to Trendify expert analytics teams and the products,we have achieved the financial targets for our litigations process in a short time .

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Analytics Applications
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