Product / SKU Segmentation 4

IV. What is key points in Product / SKU segmentation for business ?

Product / SKU Segmentation 3

Comparing Traditional Segmentation and Trendify Segmentation

Product / SKU Segmentation 2

How Do Business Use Product / SKU Segmentation ?
– Inventory Management
– Forecasting Ideal Stock Level
– Pricing Strategy
– Advertising and Marketing

Product / SKU Segmentation 1

You can manage your processes in the most effective way by making a correct product segmentation.
What is Product / SKU Segmentation ?

Data Warehouse Architecture Types

Designing a Data Warehouse is an essential part of business development. For designing, there are two most common architectures named Kimball and Inmon.

Eren Retail goes beyond borders with cloud-based data warehouse project

Our “Modernization of Data Infrastructures and Analytical Applications” Project, which we started with Eren Retail, was crowned as a Success Story by Microsoft.

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