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They Experienced AutoML
Osman Şentürk
Osman Şentürk
CEO - Eren Retail

With our decision support systems built on the corporate data warehouse, we can manage all countries from a single point and ensure that everyone looks at the same metrics. Thank you Trendify.

Burak Ilgaz
Burak Ilgaz
General Manager - Lacoste

Together with Trendify, we reconstructed our data warehouse and events.In this way, we can monitor the ERP systems in all countries through a single system. The knowledge of the Trendify team has been a guide for us.

Samet Kasapoğlu
Samet Kasapoğlu
Business Analytics Manager - Allianz Insurance

Thanks to Trendify expert analytics teams and the products,we have achieved the financial targets for our litigations process in a short time .

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Trendify can Allianz litigation prediction with an accuracy of 78% when the file is opened and 91% when the file is closed.


Thanks to Trendify, Eren Retail has %15 revenue growth


Trendify ensure to Lacoste %86 model accuracy and %18 SKU* availabilty increase. (*Stock keeping unit)


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