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Trendify Auto ML

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is the process of automating end-to-end process of applying Machine Learning (ML) to create, develop and deploy predictive models so that any enterprise benefits from data.

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Trendify Data Preparation

Understand how complete your data is instant view of missing values and data dominance in each column.

Zoomable charts and works for large datasets. Ranks the features in order of importance using 1000’s of ML models to to highlight which features are key and which are less important.

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Trendify Data Insight

Clustering and dimension reduction techniques, which help create graphical displays of high-dimensional data containing many variables.

Univariate visualization of each field in the raw dataset, with summary statistics.

Multivariate visualizations, for mapping and understanding interactions between different fields in the data.

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They Experienced AutoML
Osman Şentürk
Osman Şentürk
CEO - Eren Retail

With our decision support systems built on the corporate data warehouse, we can manage all countries from a single point and ensure that everyone looks at the same metrics. Thank you Trendify.

Burak Ilgaz
Burak Ilgaz
General Manager - Lacoste

Together with Trendify, we reconstructed our data warehouse and events.In this way, we can monitor the ERP systems in all countries through a single system. The knowledge of the Trendify team has been a guide for us.

Samet Kasapoğlu
Samet Kasapoğlu
Business Analytics Manager - Allianz Insurance

Thanks to Trendify expert analytics teams and the products,we have achieved the financial targets for our litigations process in a short time .

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